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our vision
since 2001, symbolika is dedicated to producing highly unique, experimental visionary and psychedelic artworks inspired by shamanic experiences, infused with elements from spirituality and nature. our vision is simple - inspire and get inspired :)


the artworks
the artworks are developed using several techniques & tools, organic and digital, modern and classical, illustration and 3d, infusing aspects from spiritual symbolism to intricate sacred geometry, from buddhism to mauri tattoo art. all of those diverse and sometimes even conflicting worlds, combined with original symbolism, are balanced and enriched into unified and constantly evolving designs.


the printing
along the years we have developed and evolved our silk screen printing techniques - symbolika artworks take into account the "space between the lines", preferring to use the colour of the fabrics as an integral part of the colour palette, thereby reducing the thickness of each print, resulting a more comfortable and more wearable fashion item.


the products
our products are unique and personal. we take great care into every detail of each product we make. we design, cut, stitch, glue & print all of the stuff we sell. we pour our hearts into each stage of the manufacturing process - this is our passion and we hope it shines through!

symbolika - made in trance

symbolika - made in trance

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