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by symbolika

penrose cubes Half Sleeve Button Up Shirt

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"In the Penrose pattern, the apparent complexity comes from the simplest of rules. The extraordinary is hidden in the ordinary." - Roger Penrose

Featuring an all-over design inspired by y mathematician and physicist Sir Roger Penrose. Penrose tiling does not repeat itself at regular intervals. This unique property makes Penrose tiling not just a mathematical curiosity but also a source of visual beauty.


  • Aperiodicity: Penrose tiling never repeats exactly. Even though it covers a plane completely, you won’t find a repeating unit that you can translate over the entire pattern.

  • Golden Ratio: The shapes in Penrose tiling often incorporate the golden ratio, a mathematical constant approximately equal to 1.618. This ratio is known for its aesthetically pleasing properties and appears frequently in nature and art.

  • Two Basic Shapes: The most famous versions of Penrose tiling use two shapes, commonly called "kites" and "darts" or "thick rhombs" and "thin rhombs". These shapes fit together in specific ways to create the non-repeating pattern.

  • Inflation and Deflation: Penrose tiling can be generated by a process known as inflation (dividing tiles into smaller tiles) and deflation (combining tiles into larger tiles). This self-similar property is related to fractals.

  • Quasicrystals: Penrose tiling has applications in crystallography. Some materials, known as quasicrystals, display atomic structures that resemble Penrose tiling patterns, challenging traditional notions of crystal symmetry.



All Over Print - Easy fit - Men - Half Sleeve - Button Up Shirt, lightweight, and breathable


  • 100%  Cotton Voile
  • Machine wash in cold water (30°C) 
  • Inside Out
  • Dry in the shade


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