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Aya Men T-shirt - Olive

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Aya - A woman holding her head with two arms, with plants growing around each arm. One plant is the capi vine, and the other is the chakruna plant, the two main ingredients in the ayahuasca brew used in traditional Amazonian shamanic practices. The capi vine contains harmine, a potent MAO inhibitor that prevents the breakdown of DMT, the primary psychoactive compound in chakruna. When brewed together, these plants produce a powerful and transformative psychedelic experience.

In shamanic tradition ayahuasca is associated with a feminine energy and is often called abuelita meaning grandmother, The woman in the drawing represents the healing and transformative power of the ayahuasca brew, which is used for spiritual and medicinal purposes. Through its use, individuals can connect with the spirit world, heal physical and emotional ailments, and gain insight into their lives and the universe.

Additionally, there is an anaconda serpent on the top of the woman's head , The Anakonda serpent, is a powerful symbol that is often associated with ayahuasca. The shedding of the anaconda's skin  is a metaphor for personal growth and spiritual evolution, and is seen as a guide or ally on the ayahuasca journey. This helps participants navigate the inner realms of the psyche and access deeper levels of understanding and insight.


Regular Fit T-shirt, Custom made for Symbolika Using A super soft Cotton With an Element of elastan that gives a flexible and comfortable Feel.


Silk Screen Printing with High Definition Screens that allow extremely fine detail to show through,  4 uv colors, including glow in the dark. Durable lite and Flexible Print.


92% cotton, 8% elastan (super combed 36/1. light, airy and flexible)

Machine wash cold (30 celsius). Do not use a dryer - let it dry in the shade. Do not iron the prints. Do not dry clean.
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