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Bufo Alvarius

5-MeO-DMT found in the milky white venom of the Bufo alvarius Toad  has been used as a healing agent and a tool for personal and spiritual growth by South American shamans  for centuries.
Vaporizing or smoking 5-MeO-DMT powder is the most common route of administration. The effects are usually felt within the first 30 seconds after consumption, and typically last 15 - 20 minutes.
It’s common to experience an overwhelming sense of oneness with the universe, This experience is often described as a process of death and rebirth followed by lasting self-improvements, including mental clarity, increased motivation, enhanced awareness, joy in living, and a sense of inner peace.
5-MeO-DMT is called “the God Molecule” for a simple and yet astounding reason: It can make one feel as if they are speaking to, connected with, or becoming one with the divine.

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